Marketing Your Home

How We Market Your Home

1. Walk Through - We will walk through your home with you and help get it looking it's best inside and out.

2. Price - Pricing your home correctly right from the beginning makes a huge difference in the amount of activity you will see from qualified buyers. We will use our experience and current sales in your area to ensure we price your home exactly where it needs to be.

3. Professional Photo's - With the average buyer now looking for homes online the photo's of your home are extremely important. We work with professional photographers to create great photo's, oversize brochures and virtual tours of your home so buyers get a great first impression.

4. Floor plans - Floor plans and measurements are very important for homes that are ready for renovations, are complicated/have high square footage or have multiple suites.

5. Open Houses - Opening your home to the public allows many potential buyers to come through at once which increases your odds of finding a buyer without interrupting your everyday life with individual appointments.

6. Advertising - Your home will be posted on the following websites and social media outlets:

- Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
- This Website
- Facebook
- Cityblast
- Craigslist
- Kijiji

7. Communication - We will communicate with you every single step of the way.